Nov 19, 2007

Time Lapse Sunset

Here’s another time lapse example, taken with the Pclix. I used a 5 second interval this time, and the result is quite a bit smoother. This was made from about 1380 images. It’s a good idea to set the camera to take smaller JPEGs for this kind of stuff, as you don’t need high resolution images anyway.

(Click the movie for a larger 12.9Mb version)

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Time Lapse Photography

I’ve always wanted to play around with timelapse photography, and recently found a cool little device, the Pclix, that makes it really easy. This is a little box that triggers the camera to take shots at a predetermined interval.

Today was a good cloud day in Sunnyvale, so I managed to get almost three hours of cloudscape, shot at 10 second intervals, and converted the resulting 930 images into the following movie (QuickTime 7 required):

(Click the movie for a larger 24Mb version)

The clouds get dark and moody half-way through, and there’s an interesting counter current of wind in the lower right corner (possibly some bay-effect wind) that leads to some nice turbulence.

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Eastern Sierras Timelapse

We spent an excellent weekend in the Eastern Sierras (CA), recently, and I captured this timelapse sequence over Sunday breakfast. Unfortunately most of the cloud action is over the peaks in the distance, but there are some interesting vortices closer to the camera.

(Click the movie for a larger 17.1Mb version)

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