Programming After Dark modules

These documents are adapted from the documentation included with the After Dark 3.0 SDK, which is available from Berkley Systems in California, and the screensavers archive in the UK, maintained by Lloyd Wood. Lloyd also maintains the Screensavers FAQ, which you should browse through before demanding answers from the AD programming community.

Click to download the AD3.0 SDK (Software development kit) from:

I have simply HTMLized these documents. Errors or omissions from the original documents are entirely my own fault.

You can download a stuffed, BinHexed copy of these HTML documents for local browsing.

  1. Introduction
  2. Getting started
  3. The main() function
  4. Getting more advanced
  5. Module parameters
  6. Adding sound
  7. Module resources
  8. Further information and sources
  9. Hints and tips
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