Alife Bloopers

These are some bloopers that I came across while working at the Santa Fe Institute. They seemed funny at the time.

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My first exposure to artificial life was a program I saw on cable TV, I think maybe Alan Alda’s Science program airing about 6 months ago. The show was about a programmers ai/alife program showing “evolution” of “creatures” that were “walking”, and “swimming”. They were composed of primatives made of boxes, that were rearranging. I was very impressed and resolved to find that programmer/program and see if it is available for MS Windows 3.11 under DOS 6.20.

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Do you think that if you could run MacTierra on a computer with an near, but not quite infinite speed computer would conciuosness develop?

I was watching nextstep on the discovery channel and they were talking about a digital artificial life form that someone on this site created. I didn’t manage to catch the name of the exact program and was wondering if you could tell me which one it is, i think it had something to do with evolution

Hi, I am a researcher, could you please tell me where to find articles and publication of “ARTIFICIAL INSEMENATION”. Thanks..

I’m real confused about A-life! What does it do on a computer? Is it safe for a computer?

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