Software Utilities

Saving Face

Latest Version:1.0.2
Released: 24 September 1997

A handy little program for creating X-Face headers, which are used to encode a small bitmap as ASCII for inclusion in news postings and mail messages.

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Latest Version:1.2
Released: 18 December 1995

A developer’s utility for setting color and font preferences for bunchs of Metrowerks CodeWarrior text and project files. It also converts between file types, and sets the type of resource files to your preferences.

  • “Extremely useful!”

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Latest Version:1.3
Released: 16 December 1995

A Macintosh application for editing the text-to-speech dictionaries used by Apple’s Speech Manager, which makes full use of the Drag Manager, and allows a choice of voices.

Note: This application is no longer supported. To remove the shareware restriction, hold down the Command, Option, ‘a’ and ‘s’ keys, and choose the Preferences menu item from the File menu.

  • “It looks really slick”

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Latest Version:1.0
Released: 13 September 1996

A small utility for viewing, launching and killing processes on the Mac. This is useful for killing faceless background applications (when running disk tools, for example). ProcessHound 1.0 is a fat binary.

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Latest Version:1.0
Released: 25 August 1994

A Macintosh application used to edit the colors used by the MacsBug debugger. No more boring black and white!

MacsBug can be obtained from Apple’s FTP site, and some information about using MacsBug on the Power PC is available in this develop article. The MacsBug help screens are also online. There is another page of Tips and Tricks for MacsBug here.

  • “A nifty hack indeed!”

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