Dual Solar Panel Head

The solar photopopper replaced the two photodiodes of the bare bones photovore circuit with the solar panels, by taking a reference voltage from their mid-point. This technique was simple to apply to the bare bones head circuit too (with the modification suggested by Wilf Rigter here).

The result is a dual solar panel head, with no additional photodetectors.

Dual solar panel head Dual solar panel head solar engine detail

Like my bare bones head, this robot uses an Omron floppy drive eject motor, with a base made from hard drive spindle motor parts. The circuit is switched by a Miller Solar Engine, and there are two 3300µF storage capacitors under the solar panels. I used some salvaged surface mount components for the solar engine capacitor and diode, which make the SE nice and small, as shown in the second photograph. The chip is a 74AC240. A schematic is available.

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