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Cool interface features


In a number of places, option-clicking an item does something special:
In the soup window
Option-click a soup creature to trace its descendents. It, and all its descendents, will be coloured orange (or another colour). You can trace any number of lineages like this.
In the inventory window
Option-click a genotype in the inventory window, and all the creatures of that genotype in the soup will be coloured yellow. This highlighting remains until you select another genotype, or click in an empty area of the list to select none.
Click one of the column names at the top of the list to sort the visible genotypes on that column, in descending order. Option-click to sort in ascending order.

Drag and Drop

You can drag a creature from the observe and genotype windows back into the soup, which creates a new creature with that genotype at the location where it was dropped. You can also create a new soup (hold down the option key while choosing the 'New' menu item to create an empty soup) and drag this creature into it. Here is a summary of drag functions:

From soup to observe window
This loads the dragged CPU into the observe window for tracing.
From soup to genotype window
This loads the dragged CPU into the genotype window, so that its genotype can be examined.
From genotype or observe windows to soup
This creates a new CPU in the soup.
From the soup to the Menagerie
This saves the creature in the Menagerie file, so it is available in later sessions.
From the Menagerie to the soup
This creates a new creature in the soup.
Within the soup
Simply dragging a creature in the soup will just move it, leaving behind 'dead code' in the soup. Holding down the option key when dragging causes the creature being dragged to be copied to the new location. The dropped creature cannot overwrite creatures already in the soup; i.e. it must be dropped into unallocated blocks. Select the 'Show blocks' menu item to see where dropping can take place.
From one soup to another
This copies the creature between soups.
Dragging to the desktop
This will create a 'Text clipping' on the desktop, which contains text listing the genotype of the creature. Such clippings can be dragged back into the soup, perhaps after editing in a text editor.
Dragging to and from a drag-aware text editor (e.g. SimpleText)
This enters the genotype of the dragged creature, as text, into the text editor. This makes a very handy way to edit genotypes -- drag them into SimpleText to edit them, then do a 'Select all' and drag the selection back into a empty space in the soup. This is how you can assemble creatures.
Dragging to the Trash
This will delete a creature from the soup, leaving behind 'dead code', or empty the observe or genotype windows, or delete a creature from the Menagerie (NB This cannot be undone).

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