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If you are reading this, your have probably installed MacTierra OK! MacTierra will run fine from anywhere on your hard disk, and should also run OK from locked media like a CD-ROM.

The 'Menagerie' file, or an alias to it, should be placed in the same folder as the MacTierra application. This file contains a zoo of creatures, which you can drag into soups as you wish. If you have creatures in the zoo which you don't want to lose, it's probably a good idea to keep a backup of the Menagerie file somewhere in case it gets corrupted. You will not be able to save changes to the Menagerie file if MacTierra is running off a CD-ROM.

MacTierra creates a preferences file in the Preferences folder the first time you run it. See the document about Preferences. It also creates a file called 'Genebank' which is a central repository of creature genotype information. Again, if this file is deleted, MacTierra will simply create a new one.

System requirements

The current version of MacTierra requires a 68020 CPU or better but not an FPU, or a PowerMac. Color QuickDraw is required; MacTierra should run OK on System 7.1 or later.

The program makes extensive use of Apple's Drag Manager, which is present in System 7.5, and can be installed under System 7.1. The program will run without it, but functionality is seriously reduced. The Drag Manager is available from Apple's online services. Note that you also need Finder version 7.1.3 or higher, and the Clipping Extension, to drag items to and from the Finder.

MacTierra also uses the Thread Manager, to allow the concurrent running of several soups. The Thread Manager is included in System 7.5 and above, and can in installed on lesser versions. It is also available online, from Apple.

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