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Archaic Stuff

Some old pages relating to some Mac programming I worked on long ago, and various programming utilities.

My Mac Software

I’ve written a lot of Mac software over the past ten years. Here are some personal projects that are mostly still current. You can find more about my professional projects on my work page.

  • MT-NewsWatcher—a Usenet client for Mac
  • MacCVS Pro—a GUI-based CVS client for Mac
  • Chronoscope—a profiling tool for Mac OS 9
  • MacTierra—a Mac version of the Tierra artificial life program
  • MachoDump—a tool to dump Mach-O library symbols

I’ve usually got several projects on the back burner too. Currently, those include porting some of my After Dark modules to the Mac OS X screensaver, and writing a program to convert Canon RAW format images into something useful at less than glacial speed.


Some time before the recent brouhaha about security vulnerabilities on Mac OS X, I ran into the help: url vulnerability, and wrote this test page. (Yes, I filed a bug with Apple.)

  • This page demonstrates the help: protocol vulnerability.

Web Stuff

This site is creating using blosxom, which is intended for blogs, but makes a pretty good tool for generating static web sites with a consistent appearance. There’s more information about the site design.

I also have some interesting and possibly useful HTML/DOM/JavaScript snippets available.

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