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Appendix D - Wish List (Historical)

Just for grins, here's the wish list for the vanilla NewsWatcher, annotated with those features that are implemented in MT-NewsWatcher.

In this appendix, we present a wish list for possible future features in NewsWatcher. Please note that this list is not any kind of promise that the features will ever actually be implemented. Indeed, your humble author got old and tired a few years ago and retired from active major NewsWatcher development. He still tries to fix bugs and do other minor maintenance from time to time, and he tries to answer questions about the program, but that's all. Perhaps some other programmer will like to work on these things.

  • A Mark Kept command. Articles and threads which are marked "kept" are not marked read when you catch up with the Next Group command, so they appear again the next time you open the subject window for the group. This is convenient when you don't have time to read or reply to an interesting article, but think that you may have the time later in some other newsreading session.

  • Implement the Undo command for text editing actions Done! and for at least the "Mark" and "Next" commands, especially for the Next Group command.

  • Posting binaries.Done!

  • Filtering and killfiles.Done!

  • Hierarchical full group list with Finder-like triangle controls.Done!

  • The ability to attach various preferences to arbitrary nodes in the full group list hierarchy. E.g., filtering rules, character set preferences, signature prefs, etc. Done!

  • Multiple signatures.Done!

  • Optional trn-style reference threading. Done!

  • Support the XOVER extension to the NNTP protocol. Done!

  • Optional display of article sizes and posting date/time in subject windows. This could be done via additional XHDR commands at the time subject windows are constructed and displayed, or via XOVER.Done!

  • Properly show cross-posted articles only once. The current version does this properly only if you open one of the cross-posted articles. Doing this all the time would require access to the XREF header line at the time subject windows are constructed and displayed, which would require the use of XOVER or additional XHDR commands.

  • Solve the problem of articles sometimes appearing out of order. The best way to do this would be to use XOVER and use reference threading instead of subject threading.Done!

  • Show progress bars for long operations.Done!

  • MIME and Base64 support.Done!

  • Non-Roman language support: Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc.Done!

  • Additional character set options. For example, tell NewsWatcher to map all 8 bit characters to their nearest US-ASCII equivalent, and support for various goofy non-MIME character set mappings used in some European countries.Done!

  • An Apple guide.

  • Triple-click to select line.Done!

  • A "Get FAQ" command to get and display the FAQ ("Frequently Asked Questions") for a group from a user-configured FAQ archive site.Done!

  • A "Get Info" command to get information from the server about selected groups (e.g., the description of the group supplied by XGTITLE) and articles (e.g., the article size, date, and other info from the header).

  • Offline newsreading support.

  • Improved facilities for accessing old articles which have been marked read. E.g., a command to restore all the articles in a thread in a subject window. Implement a full header cache to make these and other operations more efficient.

  • Use the Thread Manager to perform operations asynchronously to improve performance, especially for dialup users. E.g., posting and mailing messages in the background, displaying article text as it arrives from the server, pre-fetching the next article in the background, extracting binaries in the background, fetching subjects and authors in the background, checking for new groups and articles in the background, etc.Done!

  • Full object model Apple event support. Scripting and recording. Open Scripting Architecture. (almost)Done!

  • Break the 32K TextEdit limit, probably by using the WASTE text engine.Done!

  • Better support for multiple news servers.Done!

  • Features for dealing with digests.Done!

  • Spell checking via the word services Apple event suite.Done!

  • Kerberos authentication. INN 1.5 "generic" authentication.Done!

  • Digital signatures (PGP).

  • Proxy server support.

  • Eudora nicknames in mail message windows, and saving articles directly to Eudora mailboxes

  • Permit customizing the format of the attribution line: In article <message-id>, email-address (full-name) wrote:

  • Secure socket support to work with Netscape's "secure" news server.

  • Socks support for people behind firewalls.Done!

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